Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories Offer Many Benefits for Folks with Disabilities

There are numerous wheelchair accessories on the market all geared to making life easier for people with disabilities. Obviously there are too many to list individually but we’ll cover a few of the most helpful items that are must have for individuals that utilize wheelchairs to get around.

Backpacks and Bags

I don’t believe there is anything that is more useful than backpacks or bags. You have to have your hands free to operate a wheelchair and laying a bag or purse on your lap just isn’t an option because more often than not the contents spill out all over the floor the minute your head is turned. Backpacks and bags with large handles work well for carrying items while you’re on the go. You can store wallets, purchases and other items in them and have your hands free for travel.

Cup Holders

Cup holders are another necessary wheelchair accessory. Staying hydrated is important but if you’ve ever tried to carry a drink and navigate your wheelchair simultaneously you’ll know more often than not that drink ends up on you or all over the floor. It’s just not practical and it’s not like you can just stow it in your backpack. That just doesn’t work. A sturdy cup or mug holder is a lifesaver and a mess preventer. They just make sense.

Wheelchair Trays

These are another one of those hand must have items. There are so many times you want to eat, write, or draw without having to shove your chair under a standard desk. Tables aren’t always practical either so a tray is perfect for when you want to do something like write or eat, especially when you’re watching a corner TV or hanging out in the living room. Sure, you can lay these items on your lap, but it isn’t comfortable and the items will slide down onto the floor if you shift your weight the wrong way.  A lap tray is suitable replacement however keep in mind they are not designed for wheelchairs.


For those who aren’t able to manually manage their wheelchairs, joysticks are an appropriate solution. They provide greater options for mobility when traditional options just aren’t practical. Having a joystick can mean the difference between being completely dependent and having a measure of independence for some people. It’s a worthwhile investment. There are all different types and shapes that are suitable for a variety of situations.


Wheelchairs aren’t always the most comfortable seats and if you spend a lot of time in them even the most comfortable chair can be troublesome. In fact they can be a big pain in your tush after a while. A cushion provides extra support and proper positioning for individuals in wheelchairs. A good cushion can greatly enhance your quality of life especially when you’ve been suffering from back pain and pain in other sensitive areas.


Gloves are another important accessory especially if you like to move fast. While calluses can be developed after some time, blisters are still a problem for most cruisers. You can avoid this issue by wearing good fitting fingerless gloves.

Having access to some of the most helpful wheelchair accessories can definitely improve your life. They certainly make getting around in a wheelchair easier and more pleasant.

Hands Free Devices
Those whose primary means of transport is a wheelchair rather than their legs know how important it is to have the hands available at all times. Hands free devices enabled by wireless technologies like Bluetooth, enable wheelchair occupants to maneuver while still maintaining a phone conversation. Similar Bluetooth devices for the car can provide the same degree of flexibility when operating a vehicle as well.