Reviewing Codecademy Pro: The Ultimate Guide 

 January 2, 2021

By  DSSC Team

Aspiring coders have lots of educational opportunities to choose from. One of the most popular platforms is Codecademy. While their marketing outreach is impressive, you might wonder if they live up to their hype.

Based on our experiences with Codecademy Pro, they do. They offer lessons in various prominent languages and help students get the right skills for their dream tech job.

We will give you an overview of Codecademy Pro to help you decide if it’s right for you. We’ll let you know about the good and bad, cost, and what you can do for the best experience possible.

All About Codecademy

Codecademy was started by Ryan Bubinski and Zach Sims in 2011. There are paid and unpaid options for this coding education platform.

Right now, you can learn up to 14 languages with Codecademy. There are also ten tech topics taught here.

Previous coding knowledge isn’t required. Typically, students are entirely new to the subject. You won’t have to worry about feeling out of place if you have a shaky grasp on coding.

The best way to learn anything is by doing it yourself. Codecademy involves learning to code by coding. The text lessons teach you how to write your own lines of code. You’ll see your efforts paying off when you execute your code.

Although a free membership is pretty nice, things are far better when you sign up for Codecademy Pro. You can be taught in a way that’s more focused on your needs and more advanced assignments.

This can help you to become the coding pro that everyone wants to work with. 

What Do They Teach?

Codecademy goes over many aspects of tech. You can take a class that focuses on a particular programming language or one that goes over a broader topic.

The languages Codecademy teaches are: Bash/Shell, C++, C#, Go, HTML & CSS, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, and Swift.

Codecademy teaches these topics: code foundations, computer science, data science, data visualization, developer tools, game development, machine learning, mobile development, web design, and web development.

Best Qualities of the Platform?

  1. Student-focused lessons - If you have a certain career in mind, Codecademy helps you find the Path that would work best for you.
  2. Assessment - See how you’re doing and what areas you should review more. (Pro-exclusive)
  3. Peer help - You can ask other students for help and offer guidance in their forums. You might even find a local chapter nearby, where you can meet up with students in your region.
  4. App - If you’re away from your computer, you can still learn, thanks to their mobile app, Codecademy Go (Pro-exclusive)
  5. Instructional videos - Having trouble with a certain project? these videos help break down the process and the reasoning behind it. (Pro-exclusive)
  6. Certifications - By finishing Paths and courses, you can get certificates to show your qualifications. (Pro-exclusive)
  7. Blogs - A great way to get excited about coding is by reading the companies blog posts, which show how important this skill is.
  8. Personality assessment - This is very useful for narrowing your focus and deciding on the right path.
  9. Streaks - Every moment you devote to coding is one you should feel proud about. Streaks show how well you’ve been keeping up with the classes and your resulting progress.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Codecademy is very friendly to beginners, especially with its simple design. You can get the hang of the site design very quickly. Navigating the various courses is also easy as well as enjoyable.

These are the main things to know for navigating this platform.

The home screen lets you look through the different classes by checking the “Catalog” tab. You can also break this down based on subject or language. That way, if you have a certain focus in mind, you can concentrate on the right classes.

Unfortunately, the search option is pretty weak. They don’t let you narrow down the classes based on qualifications such as paid or unpaid. 

Once you navigate to a class, the following information is provided:

  • General description of the class
  • Number of previous students
  • Length of class
  • Any previous skills required

During the lessons, there will be a screen with text, another screen to input your code, and one that shows your code output.

You’ll be given an overview of coding, but you’ll dive into things pretty soon. However, the lessons don’t throw you to the wolves. They begin rudimentary, giving you a decent grasp on the topics and helping you grow more confident.

If you need help, you can get it, in the form of hints and community assistance. We recommend trying your best to figure problems out yourself first. If you eventually reach an impasse, look for help.

To track your progress, check out your dashboard. This also shows your streaks and shows other classes you’d be good for.

The Type of Content

Codecademy has excellent content. The various means of teaching help you to learn coding in different ways.

Text lessons are informative without being dull. They’re easy to scan and help to explain areas that might be giving you trouble. They even include links to forum threads that could help you out. Plus, you can use videos that break down different projects.

Videos aren’t Codecademy’s bread and butter, but it’s still nice to know they have them as an option. However, you might want to choose a different platform if videos are your preferred method of learning.

Best Courses Available

While there are lots of great paths and classes, these are the four best ones:

1. Web Development Career Path

Being a web developer is incredibly rewarding and profitable. This path is great for people who are new to web development but want to make a career out of it. You’ll learn skills that will make you a well-rounded web developer, able to handle all sorts of responsibilities.

2. Learn Java

You might’ve heard about the programming language Java. This course utilizes practical projects to help you become a Java expert.

3. Learn HTML

HTML Is a popular programming language that’s also very easy to learn. This course helps you to learn HTML with lessons like making blogs and schedules.

4. Learn SQL

Making queries is a great skill to have in the tech world. “Learn SQL” teaches you to use SQL for that purpose. Join more than one million users who have furthered their SQL knowledge.

How Much Does It Cost?

With Codecademy, you need to choose between the Basic plan, which is free, and the Pro plan, which has two choices for payment.

You can pay $39.99 per month, or you can pay $238.88 per year. The annual plan can be a good money-saving option, as it breaks down to $19.99 per month.

Businesses can also get subscriptions for their whole office. Talk to your management about signing up.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Novices - We all start from square one. Codecademy is great for people who don’t know anything about coding.
  • Active learners - You won’t be spacing out to dull lectures when you’re using this platform.
  • Amateur programmers - Know some stuff about coding but want to go further? Try these courses.
  • Students who need focused lessons - Codecademy avoids being too scattered, helping you to stay motivated
  • Children and teenagers - If you have a child who wants to work in tech, this can be a great gift.

Final Thoughts: So Is Codecademy Pro Worth It?

Codecademy is a great platform, but you first need to know where you currently stand and what you want.

It wouldn’t make much sense to sign up if you’ve already made some websites or completed other high-level tech projects. Look instead for a more advanced platform.

These classes do a great job of easing you into coding without being too basic. It’s a great stepping stone, but it’s by no means the final frontier when it comes to programming.

Join Codecademy and see how well it works for you. The Pro free trial is very helpful, as is the Basic plan. We hope you can see your programming potential and good luck!


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