Reviewing Ecom Success Academy: Is It Worth The Cost? 

 January 2, 2021

By  DSSC Team

There are many legitimate and popular ways to market your online business, such as Amazon FBA. One of the biggest eCommerce sites in recent memory in Shopify. This platform is excellent for its clients, helping them create attractive pages and reduce workload.

Don’t assume that Shopify is going to do all the work for you, however. As a business owner, you should know it’s not the tools you have but how you use them. It’s also important to understand what Shopify users are looking for and how you can best appeal to these desires.

Never started an online business before? There’s nothing to fear, as every successful business has started from square one. We have a course that can help you keep your business from being another one that vanishes just as soon as it appears.

Adrian Morrison is a businessman with a focus on online ventures, including starting an internet business.

With Adrian’s class, Ecom Success Academy, you can discover the amazing opportunities that await you when you understand how to use Shopify in tandem with Facebook Ads. Read on to find out how his class works, its pros and cons, and what it could provide for you.

My Story

I learned about Adrian’s course through a friend of mine, Leonard. We lived together in college, and if there was one thing he loved talking about, it was starting a business. He wanted to become the next big name in retail, and it was going to start with an online store.

However, Leonard’s results didn’t line up with his ambitions, at least not at first. He was using Amazon FBA, and it was practically killing him. He had good products and generally good business instincts. However, he was barely scraping by and working ungodly hours.

After a while, Leonard said goodbye to his online business. I figured that was it, but I hoped that he would find some comeback. My hopes were answered when he told me about how well he’d been doing with Shopify.

It turned out he didn’t just stumble across Shopify and suddenly start raking in cash. Instead, he had taken a class that he said was the key to his business’ sustainability. Ecom Success Academy, courtesy of Adrian Morrison, gave Leonard the confidence to try again.

About Ecom Success Academy

Ecom Success Academy combines the outreach of Facebook Ads with the merchandise of Shopify to help bring people to your online store. There’s a Shopify section, with seven parts, and a Facebook Ads section, with 12 parts.

There’s so much to talk about with Morrison’s class. We won’t be able to go through it completely, but we can definitely give you a decent grasp of it.

Shopify Training

1. Getting Started

You’ll be carefully guided through the beginning stages of making a Shopify business. Much of this is intuitive, especially if you’ve started an online business before, but the instruction is still nice to have.

2. Dropshipping Essentials

Dropshipping is a crucial thing to know if you’re going to have an online business. This lesson teaches all about that.

3. Products

To get your merchandise sold in other stores, you need to have the right plan in mind. This product teaches you how to find and be sought-out by businesses.

4. Promotional Methods

There are many great ways to create positive buzz for your business, such as giving things away. With this lesson, you’ll find out the best ways to turn people into customers.

5. Sales Pages

Making sales involves being convincing. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make a great sales page, complete with compelling copy.

6. Building Your Brand

Your business needs to have name recognition and a concept that stands out. It also needs to have people with serious pull vouching for it. This lesson shows you how to give your store a story, one that people are itching to hear.

7. Apps

Automating functions like sending out emails can make your online business a lot easier to run. In this course, you’ll learn about the apps that make Shopify such an efficient platform.

Facebook Ad Training

1. Marketing Setup

This section is a very basic overview of Facebook Ads and how they can help you attract buyers.

2. Fan Page

A fan page is the main mode of advertising on Facebook. You'll learn how to setup and optimize one in a way that's appealing to potential buyers.

3. Ad Types

Facebook Ads are not all the same. This lesson teaches you about all the varieties and when you should use each.

4. Ad Objectives

If you don’t have a specific outcome in mind, this lesson helps you concentrate on your ad goals.

5. Ad Targeting

Instead of trying to reach everyone, a pretty difficult achievement, this lesson helps you set your sights on the right demographics.

6. Advanced Training

If you’re really looking to make money with Facebook Ads, be sure to follow this lesson closely. You'll learn advanced strategies that not many online courses cover.

7. Audiences

This lesson goes further into targeting strategies using custom and look alike audiences. These can take your marketing to the next level.

8. Pixels

Facebook pixel is essential for ad analytics. It helps you see how your ads are performing and generate smart strategies in the future.

9. Writing Ad Copy

Creating a great Facebook ad is harder than it looks. With this lesson, you can avoid common mistakes and make your first ad an awesome one.

10. Bidding Strategies

Choosing the right bid strategy depends on many factors, which this lesson goes over.

11. Kill or Scale Ads

Sometimes, you’ll have ads that aren’t doing as well as you’d hope. This lesson teaches about deciding the right course of action when this happens. 

12. Split Testing

Having two webpages for reference lets you compare them and determine which one has better long-term potential for you.


Lots of information - Adrian Morrison’s class brilliantly dissects Shopify and Facebook Ads without being too formal. We skimmed over the sections, but they go much further than that.

Shopify Emphasis - This isn’t a general eCommerce class that goes too broad to be effective. This class is about Shopify specifically. You’ll learn exactly why Shopify is such a good platform and how you can make a great business through it.

Many people prefer Shopify over Amazon FBA. It allows a lot more curation for store owners. The apps are also great to use.

Skill Versatility - You can translate your knowledge of Facebook Ads to other ventures. This could include marketing yourself as a Facebook Ads expert and charging other businesses for your services.


Cost - Adrian’s course is great, but it also costs just under $2,500.

Narrow Focus - Facebook Ads is a great marketing platform, but it’s not the only one. Given the price, Adrian should also teach about advertising on other social media platforms.

There are more affordable classes that cover more ground, yet cost less. Facebook is still very popular, but it’s not the only game in town. Hopefully, he’ll update this course with other platforms in mind.

Final Thoughts

Adrian Morrison’s Ecom Success Academy is highly recommended for anyone who has long-term business dreams. I know at least one person it's served well, and the same could go for you.

However, I recognize that not everyone has $2,000 laying around and wouldn't want to drop that all on one course.

If you want to be successful with Facebook Ads, you have to be patient and keep up with trends. There's no telling what consumers will be looking for in the next few years, or even the next few weeks.

Adrian's class is great for learning Facebook Ads, but your education should stop there. Look for advertising strategies on other popular sites.

My best advice is to start with reading free guides, which can be found all around the internet. If you discover you have an inclination for eCommerce, sign up for this course. It has a fairly high price tag, but it's still an excellent investment if you take it seriously.


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