Reviewing Kajabi: Is This Software Worth The Price? 

 January 3, 2021

By  DSSC Team

One of the best places to make a course is Kajabi.

Your expertise can have real market value. It just depends if you know what to do with it. Kajabi is a great tool that helps you make courses and reach your intended audience.

Mixing all of these great components makes it easier to reach your goals. You don’t need to scramble to figure out what to do next when you’re using this platform.

No matter how much you know, your course won’t work if it doesn’t have the right system. Kajabi helps you make the content you need and market it as necessary.

This software is also really good for other sorts of digital sales, beyond courses.

We’re going to tell you all about this complete online business tool and what it offers versus its competition. We’ll also tell you about the options for classes, selling and editing help, and other essential items.

Finally, we’ll tell you our whether we would choose this tool or not.

How To Get Started 

Usually, new Kajabi users get 14 days free. However, with our promo, you can double that will 28 days free. To use Kajabi, you just need to do the following:

  • Register
  • Make something
  • Promote it
  • Get paid

 That doesn’t all happen in one moment, but accomplishing each item helps you reach the next one.


To start, we should go over the things you need to know about most. 


All long-term plans are paid, and they come at different prices. However, you should agree that these courses are priced accordingly based on what they offer.


It’s very easy to use this platform. If used other content creation platforms, you should find it very easy to adapt to this one.

Marketing & Sales Tools

Marketing is one of Kajabi’s best features. You can learn a lot about digital marketing to help draw more people to your course. You’ll need to figure out the best methods for you, but this tool can give you an advantage.

Creating Courses

It’s no trouble making a course with Kajabi. Set it up just the way you like for optimal results. One thing it could do better with is with its student interaction features.

Templates & Customization

Kajabi is pretty open when it comes to choosing different styles. When you’re making your course, put a lot of thought into how it looks and functions. This can make things so much better for you and your students.

Customer Training and Help Desk

In case you have any questions, Kajabi has some high-quality customer help. You can also get things resolved with their resource library.


1. Easy to create your site with simple editing feature

2. Doesn’t take long to get your course off the ground

3. Lots of marketing help, which is vital for outreach to help grow your course

4. Editor that shows logistics of marketing funnels

5. Plenty of templates to choose from

6. Affiliate marketing tools to bring more people to your course

7. Easy payments with Stripe and PayPal

8. Allows you to make exclusive material

9. Lots of options for integrations

10. Chance for rewards through the Kajabi Heroes Program

11. Kajabi University providing plenty of learning opportunities

12. Clear pricing and descriptions for plans


1. Costs more than other course platforms, but the prices are worth it

2. Doesn’t have as many ways to interact with students, such as making test questions random

3. Lack of certification for successful completion of courses

4. Doesn’t have as many payment options as it could

How Much Does It Cost?

Don’t use this software if you’re looking for a cheap platform. Even the most affordable plan is $149 a month. The top plan, Pro, is $399 a month.

However, you don’t have to get the priciest plan to benefit from Kajabi. Each one is fairly similar, and starting at the most affordable one is a good place to begin.

With Basic, you can have up to three products as well as three pipelines. Growth gives you up to 15 each.

Essentially, everything you can do with a higher-priced plan, you can do with a lower-priced one. It’s just that you can’t quite as far with the cheaper ones.

If three products are enough for you, go with Basic. However, if you know you’ll need to go further, do so.

If you buy a year-long plan, you can save 20 percent. For instance, Basic is decreased to $119 per month.

Is It Easy To Use?

This software platform wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t so user-friendly. You don’t need any guide to figure it out since everything is so intuitive. The Kajabi Assistant is there if you need it. You can also use the provided videos to help you better understand everything.

It’s also incredible how you don’t have to run to other sites to do different things for your course. Kajabi has it all ready for you, right there.

Instead of aggravating yourself with add-ons and making sure they’re just right, you can relax as you get your site underway. You can’t do absolutely everything with it, but what you can do is worth it.

We do wish the automating was easier. Given how well they demonstrate other functions, it's strange that this one was overlooked somewhat.

How Can I Utilize Its Sales Functions?

You can grow your audience tremendously with this software's sales features. Reach out to your audience-to-be through targeted email campaigns. There’s a built-in function, but it can also be used with MailChimp, a popular marketing platform.

Work with marketing tools to increase your success. Create an exciting email for all new members and promote different tools to your pupils. Think about what could make this the best course possible.

There’s also the Pipeline builder to see how your sales funnels are performing.

Go as far as you can to create and promote your site, with things like videos and outreach to professionals in your network. It would be nice if there had an in-site payment option besides Stripe, even though you can connect with PayPal.

What Integrations Does It Have?

With Kajabi, you can use their included features or use a third-party platform.

There are 10 built-in integrations you can use with other programs. Some of these are very well-known, but there are also great ones that you might’ve not heard of, such as Zapier.

How Easy Is It To Make Courses?

It’s very easy to make classes. First, click on the product area, and choose one of the templates. Alternatively, you can make one yourself. Once you give it a name, get to making it exactly as you need it to be.

Making a great course involves lots of different media. Kajabi is excellent at integrating these. There’s no capacity for data either.

Your courses can also be broken down for more straightforward navigation. Use sorting methods so that your students can find your courses faster.

Want to make sure students are doing what they need to? Integrate tests that require passing grades for students to advance through your course.

It would be better if you could put these questions in random order. Additionally, there need to be more choices for quiz types. Multiple choice isn’t the best way to assess someone’s understanding of the material.

How Can I Best Design My Course Pages?

You can do a lot of things with your course, thanks to their many templates. After choosing a template, work with it so that it’s exactly as you want it.

If you have a more expensive plan, you can work with the code,. It’s like having a key to a door that would otherwise stay locked.

A growth plan or higher is required for not having Kajabi in your site’s name or weblink. It’s up to you, but that could help you look more legitimate to others.

Premier Framework has been a very popular theme. It works for countless courses and has great capabilities. Consider starting with this theme and adjusting it as you go.

How Do I Get Help?

There’s lot of help for customers, which is good to know, given the high cost of membership.

If you have Basic, you can get help via chat. However, this isn't available 24/7.

With Growth and above, help is available all day, even via phone. The support is happy to help and know how to solve your issues.

Kajabi also knows how to provide answers before you need them. Their training videos do a great job of explaining the main aspects.

We strongly recommend using Kajabi University. This goes deep with explaining all you need to know about using this tool and how to go above and beyond with your course. Kajabi sets you up for success. If you care enough, you can find it.

If you really want to motivate yourself, take the “Hero Challenge.” This four-week program is meant to help you get your course running and growing. There’s information included that you might not have thought about otherwise.

Use the Help Center and their regular webinars for other learning opportunities. 


Is Kajabi Worth The Money?

Value is subjective. However, we think that it is definitely worth its cost. If you’re looking to make a course, this is a great place to explore. You need to choose a plan that’s right for you. Try the free trial before making a final decision.

What Can Kajabi Do?

As we’ve illustrated above, it is thorough in terms of possibilities. You can not only get your website started, but you can also market it, get people to sign up for it, and see how your students and marketing efforts are doing.

Is Kajabi Mobile Friendly?

If you rely on your smartphone or another mobile device, you’ll be happy to know this platform has great mobile integration. This is also great for your students, who might not always have desktop access.

Is Kajabi Good For SEO?

You can use search engine optimization with this platform, but you need to be aware of this when you’re making your course. Know what kind of things will help your audience find you, such as the right phrases.

Final Thoughts

Kajabi does a lot of things, and it does them well. They clearly understand that content platforms need to provide a lot for their users, especially if they’re going to charge high prices.

It’s easy to make your site, choose the right look, and use promotional tools with Kajabi. It just requires you to put in the sustained effort to see your results through.

While the cost is anything but pocket change, the amount of value packed into this software can't be understated. If you’re taking advantage of the different features, the price is certainly worth it.

Try out Kajabi’s trial and see how it works for you.


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