Reviewing Kartra: Is It Worth The Price? 

 January 4, 2021

By  DSSC Team

Do you have expertise in specific areas that you know people would pay for? If so, you should think about starting an online course and selling it. However, you first need to make sure you’re able to market it appropriately.

There’s a lot more to this than just putting up a course and waiting for customers to start trickling in. Doing that is like wishing on a shooting star in terms of your likelihood of success.

With so many people starting online courses, you need to have something to help you stand out. Firstly, you need the right platform for your course.

You might greet all-inclusive platforms with skepticism. While it’s nice to have all of these functions in one place, there’s rightful concern over it not being comprehensive or useful enough.

There’s no sense in spending money on a pricey platform that doesn’t correctly perform most of its described tasks.

However, you won’t have this kind of concern with Kartra. While this platform is in no way perfect, it's an excellent option to get comprehensive tools.


Kartra uses cloud technology for a superb web marketing experience. Most businesses don’t see beyond five years. While there are many explanations for this, one of the biggest is that they simply don’t know how to market.

With Kartra, the excuses stop, and the work begins. They give users a slew of tools to help them being marketing experts.

They’re not hiding these qualities either. If you need something to help you with marketing, Kartra can help you find it. Everything you’d require to get a business marketed is here. You’ll have the means to attract and hold onto customers, while growing your business.


You’ll have numerous great features and tools, such as:

  • Page building
  • Video integration
  • Email campaigns
  • Sales Funnel Framework
  • Lead Management
  • Subscriptions
  • Analytics tools

1. Page Builder

The page building feature is one of our favorites. There’s drag-and-drop, which makes it easy for you to put your site together.

The hard part is choosing your template, as there are hundreds available. Pick one that successfully conveys the mindset of your business.

Grab different components like pictures and social media buttons to create a great site. You’ll probably start recalling other great sites as you finish yours.

Kartra allows provides a lot of freedom if you have a design you want to stick with. Bring in your designs if you’d like. This is a platform built for helping you, not for forcing you to conform to its standards.

You can make all the necessary landing pages for your business. There are also opportunities to use pop-up windows, which can be really good for helping influence buying decisions.

Do you worry about mobile device quality for your course? Fear not, as Kartra sites are optimized for smartphones. No matter what kind of device you’re on, you can see a properly optimized version of your site.

Something cool about Kartra is split testing. It allows you to make two editions of a landing page. You can look at the data and use it to help you decide which one is better.

This is by no means everything to know about page building. Suffice to say, Kartra makes it so you can create great pages for what’s hopefully a great business.

2. Video Integration

Kartra doesn’t just allow for video integration. It loudly champions it with its excellent player and customization options. You can opt to use videos for your online classes. This is a great method of keeping your students engaged.

Your students can learn on the go, thanks to the great mobile performance of these videos. Another highlight is being able to see video activity as it’s happening. You’re also able to examine how much people are watching your videos.

3. Email Campaigns

Kartra is so great for marketing because it doesn’t require using another platform for email campaigns. They have an excellent email marketing system built right in.

You can send automated emails, organize your members into different groups, and do split testing. Users can also receive messages on their phones, via SMS.

The biggest names in email marketing have some competition with Kartra Mail. Things are a lot easier with this system since you don’t have to look out of the site to reach clients.

To further your client reach, use the marketplace. There are plenty of others using this place to get their names and their courses out there.

Affiliates are another great thing to developing your marketing plan. This platform assists you with finding the right affiliates and determining things like their commission rates. If you don’t know much about this but are okay with outsourcing it to an automated system, you can do so.

The analytical aspect of Kartra is excellent as well. You can see how many visitors you’re getting and other important information. All successful business owners need to know how they’re performing. This platform makes it as transparent as possible.

4. Sales Funnel Framework

It doesn’t matter how good your business’ presentation is if you don’t know how to influence people to support it. The way to do that is with sales funnels.

You’ve experienced sales funnels before, even if you don’t realize it. When you’ve come across a web page and then bought a product after a few clicks, you’ve gone through a sales funnel.

Successful businesses can drive sales with shrewd tactics. They turn browsers into spenders through sales funnels. The quality of the product matters, of course, but so does their persuasive power.

Kartra knows how much a strong sales funnel can help a business grow. It’s beneficial for these purposes, allowing you to have a say while covering the hard parts. This is an excellent way to learn about coding, as you can see how different functions can lead to different outcomes.

After you’ve established your sales funnel, you can sit back and see how it works. Should it seem a little sluggish out of the gate, you should try mixing things up slightly.

There’s no real difficulty with making a sales funnel. The drag-and-drop function remains, and it teaches about sales funnels without being completely dry. But there’s outside help if you need it. People make their funnels and sell them.

Otherwise, you can find an expert marketer to help you with this. It’s still worth it to try on your own first, though.

When you have a fine-tuned sales funnel, your business potential can increase. There are some logistics to keep in mind while making your funnel, but the most important thing is to think like a consumer.

Since you are a consumer, that shouldn’t be difficult. What do you want from a business for you to buy from it? This might be unconscious knowledge, but you can find it if you dig deep enough.

Lead Management

What you know about your customers is very important for running an online business. Unfortunately, this information isn’t always easy to come by. Kartra provides you with the facts you need about your customers.

Thanks to their organizing tools, you can sort them into different sections and better understand how to market. You might see that a large portion of your customers falls under a particular gender and age range. Use this information to help you drive traffic and increase sales.

There’s also a beneficial scoring component. This lets you view the total number of “points” a customer has accumulated, for things such as how much they’ve bought from you. You can better see who deserves the most attention through this.

The sorting and scoring make it so easy to understand your customers. Kartra won’t make your marketing decisions for you, but it will help set the stage. Be sure to track information about customers as thoroughly as you can. It’s a surefire way to increase your marketing skills.

Kartra is remarkably generous with this information. They could’ve withheld this information or made you pay extra for it. However, they decided it’d be best for their clients and themselves to offer as much as they could.

That’s a good way to develop loyalty among your customers.


There’s, even more to love about marketing with this platform. Chief among them is integrations. Although there are plenty of excellent Kartra-based tools provided, the platform lets you bring in other applications. It’s a beautiful marriage of technologies that can give your business extra appeal.

You can easily combine Kartra with different types of plug-ins, including payment processing, email, and subscription plug-ins. It’s a pretty extensive selection, so you should be able to find what you need.

Zapier has thousands of integrations to choose from. If you know anything about coding, you can use their IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and API (Application Programming Interface) for another great integration.

Only use integrations that you know you’ll need. It’s better to start simple and work your way up than to throw in everything you possibly can, only to end up with a confusing mess of a site.


When you’re selling a digital course, you have to convince people to buy something they can’t hold or touch. It’s a product, but it’s also an experience. Kartra’s primary focus is digital products, and they can help you arouse interest in your audience with these products.

Customers can become repeat customers thanks to the subscription model. With so many people signing up for website memberships, you need to show them why yours is worth their investment.

Surely you know that you have a great course which can teach them invaluable skills. However, it’s up to you and your stamina to show others.

You can also make money through a customer after they sign up. Have some aspects of your course be available only by paying extra fees. Be careful with this, as you don’t want to be the course creator who has people sign up, only to hide things beyond constant paywalls.

Getting people to sign up requires great subscription pages. Kartra makes it relatively easy to put these together. Once again, it’s drag and drop to the rescue as you create this page. There are also customization tools in place to get it just right for you.

Once people sign up for your course, you need to orient them to it. Use any trick you can think of to help students adapt. There’s picture, video, audio, and text-based training among your options. You can also stack these methods on top of one another.

You’ll also need to make the most of the analytical information available. See what sort of things are going on with your students and the course. If there’s something awry, you can fix it before it turns into an unsolvable problem.

Some problems need outside help. Kartra has this in the form of a help desk area. You can help resolve issues for you, allowing things to run much more smoothly in the future.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for hours for an email to be answered. There is a live help desk for customers, but it also lets you use ticket-based email. While email is the only option during certain times of day, Kartra support will provide listening and understanding no matter what.


A product that offers as much as Kartra does can’t come cheap. Although plans do cost a fair bit, we want to emphasize the “fair” aspect of it. If you weigh Kartra’s price against its products, it’s a pretty reasonable cost.

There are also multiple levels to choose from. Only get what’s right for you, and you’ll end up paying what’s right for you.

Think about how much business you have and how much you expect to receive. Think too about subscription pages, how much media you’ll be using, and whether you want to come up with your own URL name.

You might start out with a simpler plan and advance to a bigger one over time. One good reason to get a more expensive plan is so you can use Kartra Agency. This lets you examine different behaviors among your customers. If you don’t know about your customers, your business risks faltering at least a little bit.

Final Thoughts

If you need a great place to create an online course or another business, give Kartra a try. It doesn’t require any real expertise, but it also respects your intelligence. All the significant aspects of a profitable site are available here.

You can save yourself from agonizing over finding necessary tools across multiple platforms. Kartra has it all available, ready for you to use.

The subscription element is one of the most beneficial aspects of using this platform. Make this a standout part of your site with excellent content that convinces people to sign up for your business while staying subtle.

Your course matters as well. Be sure to have a clear idea in mind for your course before you sign up. It's a great resource that can help you share your course with others.

However, your curation and intuition need to be there. Without this, you'll just have a pretty but ultimately unfulfilling course, one that has a hard time retaining customers.

While Kartra has a lot to offer, it doesn’t give away everything at once. Spend time fooling around with the different aspects of this course builder. Even after months of using it, we’re still finding things to be impressed about with Kartra.

We wish you the best with using Kartra. It's a fantastic resource that's only getting better with time.


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