Reviewing Kevin David: Is His Marketing Training Worth It? 

 January 4, 2021

By  DSSC Team

Even if you don’t recognize Kevin David, there’s a good chance you know his face.

He's a personality type that you have to respect, because he flashes cars, women, and an extravagant lifestyle outwardly and doesn't care what you think about it. 

But if you look at the actual marketing strategies he's using, it all comes down to getting your attention. And he does a damn good job of it. He's all over the internet. 

So what does it matter what method the guy uses to get your attention if he can train you on his methods so you can duplicate it?

At least that's the way I looked at it when I found out about him. And hundreds of thousands of dollars (and counting) later, I'm glad I made the decision. 

That’s not to say everything he touches is gold. This isn’t going to be a Kevin David love fest.

However, his marketing methods are some of the best you're going to come across. (I cover this in-depth later on.)

Now, who exactly is Kevin David, and why is he such an omnipresent personality?

All About Kevin David

In 2017, Kevin David started his first eCommerce business, THATLifestyleNinja. It turns out he was a pretty natural fit, making it past the million-dollar-earnings benchmark in under a year.

He didn’t stop there either. He’s started other successful businesses, furthering his net worth and his reputation as an eCommerce and marketing wizard.

You might have seen him in publications like Forbes. Kevin’s success can be largely attributed to two things: his products and his marketing abilities. He clearly understands that lucrative businesses require people who are dedicated to their success.

However, being as exposed as Kevin means that not everyone loves him. We’re going to give you the lowdown on Kevin David so that you’ll have as full of a picture as possible. This is subjective to my encounters with him, but it's worth listening to someone with first-hand experience being around him.

Road to the Top

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work for myself, and only myself. Yes, I knew I would need clients, but that was better than having to clock into an office day after day, making more money for my boss than I would ever see.

The internet has also always seemed like the perfect place to grow a business. It’s a whole different environment now, with social media turning seemingly everyone into an entrepreneur. But even before then, I knew it was the future of business.

You could certainly find people promising ways to make a fortune with the internet. They would be shameless in their claims. It wouldn’t be enough to say they managed to make a steady income with their business. They’d have you believe they went from zeroes to heroes in about a weekend.

Yes, some people find success pretty quickly. However, that’s a tiny exception, not the rule. These programs aren’t about teaching you business skills. They’re about soaking you for your money. Sadly, people still get suckered in by them.

Kevin David doesn’t try to sell that kind of nonsense. He forgoes the rags-to-riches story. He’s transparent about how he started: with a desirable accounting job for a great company.

But he wasn’t getting the satisfaction he wanted out of it. He had an inclination for running his own business, going back to his youth. If Kevin was going to be true to himself, he couldn’t stay in that job.

His work schedule was also incredibly demanding. He was making more than $80,000 per year, but he was also working close to 80 hours per week. His job was taking over his life, and he had to make a change.

Determined to find a path that more suited him, Kevin found himself on Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent place for entrepreneurs.

To say Amazon FBA suited Kevin well would be an understatement. He made more than $2 million a year later. He then conquered Shopify and started THATLifestyleNinja. He showed how much entrepreneurial instincts and effort matter.

He didn’t want to keep his secrets to himself either. With THATLifestyleNinja, he started four classes, known as “Nina Masterclasses.” These cover four different paths to online sales success, via Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, Shopify, and making digital classes, as he has.

Thousands of people with different backgrounds have taken Kevin’s classes, including myself. He doesn’t provide any barriers to entry. if starting your own business matters enough to you, you should be able to make Kevin’s classes work.


All of Kevin’s Masterclasses, regardless of topic, meet the same criteria.

  • Lots of Videos
  • Exclusive Facebook Groups
  • Live Webinars Once a Week
  • Extra Materials

1. Lots of Videos

Kevin provides more than 100 videos. These aren’t just thrown at you at once, nor will you be expected to watch all of them.

2. Exclusive Facebook Groups and Webinars

Something Kevin finds particularly exciting about eCommerce is how quickly things change.

If you think you can just read a few articles about online commerce and think you’ve got it, you’re remarkably delusional.

Kevin prevents his material from becoming outdated by making exclusive Facebook groups for each class.

These are wonderful community environments where people can talk about their time with the classes and offer guidance. Kevin tells us he’s a regular presence in his groups. If someone has any issues or any burning questions, Kevin will be there to respond.

Every week, Kevin also provides live webinars. These are great for hearing his thoughts on the industry and knowing that he’s still finding out new things, even after years upon years of experience.

3. Extra Material

There’s also extra material with all of Kevin’s Masterclasses. With the Facebook Ads one, you’ll learn more ways to use Facebook ads for business purposes.

Another one teaches how to start a Shopify business. If you have previous advertising experience, this is a great use of those skills.

These classes aren’t reserved for people with years of online business experience. In fact, it’s better if you have minimal experience. Otherwise, you might find it’s just too far below your skill level.

However, some of these classes can introduce you to skills you might have overlooked. If nothing else, they can help you brush up on your knowledge or remind you of things you might’ve been skimping on.

Kevin’s Facebook Ads course is an ultra-popular one. He’s managed to earn millions with his ad skills.

It’s tough, but I’d say this is the best course. I was able to become a real Facebook Ads wizard in a concise time span.

However, don’t pull out your credit card and order the Facebook Ads class right this minute. Try his free training, and if you enjoy that, go for the paid courses.

His free material is so good, it feels like you’re getting away with something by receiving it for free. It also shows you how he teaches. We like his methods, but the same might not apply to everyone.

So Is Kevin David A Scam or Legit?

It’s totally normal and understandable to be wary of any online business claiming it will help you make money. Kevin’s certainly a lot more honest than the multitudes of shady individuals, but it’s still good to exercise caution.

The maxim of “Fool me once, shame on you” applies to these courses, as well as the one about bad apples spoiling the bunch. Kevin’s part of an industry that’s been tainted by people who just want to make money, not a positive difference.

At first, Kevin can seem like he’s another one of these people. His marketing material is full of flash, with him showing off his wealth.

So, why doesn’t this turn us off Kevin completely?

Well, it’s easy to understand Kevin using strategies as a marketing necessity. You don’t get people to sign up for your classes by being subtle. It’d be nice if that was the case, but we’re not in that reality. Call it a necessary evil, but we understand why Kevin utilizes it.

This kind of marketing pays off, and Kevin shows you how with his classes. You might find it weird, but you should be able to see why people go for it.

The most significant factor is class quality. Kevin’s classes are excellent across the board.

He provides personalized instruction that shows you, piece by piece, how he gets his results. It helps to put you in the shoes of a successful entrepreneur.

I was worried, when I first checked out Kevin’s material, that nothing would make sense and he wouldn’t care enough to explain it coherently. I felt so much more confident with his guidance.

So Is Kevin David A Scam or Legit? Pt. 2

There are people who abhor Kevin and his programs, and that’s their right. But their opinions aren’t the norm. I firmly position myself as someone who likes Kevin and his classes.

It’s also worth recognizing that some of the people posting negative reviews about Kevin’s classes are disgruntled former students who didn’t have great experiences due to factors out of his control.

Some say Kevin doesn’t pay enough attention to his students. That might be true if you’re expecting him to be a private tutor. He’s a busy man, and the attention he provides is plenty generous.

I’ve had a more-than-positive experience with Kevin and his classes. When taking the Facebook Ads class, I got to talk about him audiences can be developed through social media. He was great about developing my ideas and offering his advice without coming across as a know-it-all.

Others object to Kevin making money off material that people are giving away, completely free, elsewhere. You’ll also hear people talk about how him having a commercial course is an indicator that he isn’t actually making all that much money.

That’s not the biggest logical leap, but Kevin’s courses are worth money because of the value they provide.

He teaches you how to be a great marketer. You’ll find out to promote your business in specific and proven ways. You could learn this, generally speaking, on lots of free sites and videos, but it’s not going to be at the same quality level.

I’ve constantly been impressed by how good Kevin’s marketing skills are. Looking through his ads, particularly the ones posted on social media, I was able to see why he was considered such a big shot.

He’s also made his mark on the eCommerce landscape in a way that wouldn’t be possible if he wasn’t at least a little component. Fortunately, he’s legitimate and very helpful.

He’s also remarkably proactive.

If Kevin just made a course and didn’t promote it very much, we’d be right to feel skeptical about it. However, he’s adamant about marketing his brand. He can also teach you how to become a marketing expert like him.

Someone like Kevin David needs to be flashy. It’s not going to tickle everyone’s fancy, but you don’t become a great entrepreneur by trying to make everyone happy. You wouldn’t make enough to buy a case of beer with that strategy.

Don’t like people making money off of business expertise? Then, don’t buy their course. If you think you can make it without their help, go off and prove it to the world.

Kevin is also a very agreeable person. He encourages having things to fall back on so that they’re not just relying on their new business. If you’re worried about the cost, there’s a two-week guarantee for every class.

Another valid reason for Kevin selling this course is that people trust paid material more than free material. If someone is giving away something for free, it can suggest it’s just not worth your time or attention.

However, Kevin’s free material is also great, so that logic doesn’t exactly apply here.

I also appreciate Kevin not shining us on, telling us that his course will all but guarantee you becoming a success. He tells you that only a select few of his students have made a real splash.

Some of Kevin’s marketing tactics can seem a little shady. Just look past some of his gimmicks, and you’ll see that he’s a pretty respectable personality.

Also, his classes are the real deal. They’re well-presented and very effective. He might talk a big game, but his results back him up.

Are you still not entirely convinced? At least give his free training a shot. It won’t cost you anything but your time, and this would be a very good use of it.

This material shows you exactly how Kevin and his classes operate. It’s a lot better than a lot of other commercial classes, even paid ones.

What I Like About Him

1. He has high-quality classes.

2. He helps to guide you through the material.

3. He is a proven professional sharing his secrets.

4. His method have made him millions.

5. His free training is great, as is his paid training.

6. He regularly updates his material.

7. Many of his students have achieved great results.

What I Don't Like

1. His marketing strategies are extreme and include some cheesy advertising techniques.

2. He puts too much emphasis on the students who do extraordinarily well.

3. His courses can be pretty costly

Overall, there’s far more to like about Kevin than there is to dislike. His drawbacks shouldn’t preclude you from at least checking out his free material. I hesitate to call his course costs a con. They’re expensive, but it’s not like they’re not worth the cost.

Kevin’s classes are great, but they’re not shortcuts to success. You’re not going to become a genius businessperson by playing his courses in the background and suddenly developing outstanding skills, via osmosis.

You need to do things for yourself and hold yourself accountable for your results.

I know I’ve said this again and again, but if you're going to sign up for Kevin’s classes, make sure you do the free training first. This could even give you enough confidence to start your business.

However, if you want to go further and learn more, sign up for one of his paid classes.

Final Thoughts

A big part of Kevin’s teaching philosophy is his emphasis on mentoring. He doesn’t claim to be the best mentor. However, he does make his appreciation for mentors clear.

You can even become an entrepreneurship mentor yourself. His latest class, “Digital Course Secrets,” shows you how to make courses as he does.

Having a mentor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re feeling stuck and need extra encouragement, having someone whose role is to guide and encourage you means a lot. It also means a lot to the person teaching you.

Kevin helps you learn through the strong advice from others, like himself. You’ll need to put up some money, but this isn’t a purchase that will give you a brief high right before you get buyer’s remorse. It can also be minuscule compared to the money you make with your business.


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