The Loci Cycle Review: Is It Worth The Cost? 

 June 28, 2021

By  DSSC Team

You probably have tried all the tricks in the book to attain your success in the business of making cash online, but nothing seems to work. If this is the case and nothing seems to warm up to you, then it is time that you tried e-commerce. According to the research, global sales for e-commerce grew by leaps and bounds.

In the United States of America alone, sales from eCommerce transactions grew by a whopping 44.2%. Considering this growth was experienced during the massive evolution of the global economies and the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic, I can certainly tell you this is your opportunity.

So what is the trick to this incredible money-making formula? Like any skill, you will need to get yourself acquainted with the field. Typically, you can do this by getting yourself training materials. Excellent training ensures that you are more successful. Therefore, the challenge in this quest is getting the best materials that will more certainly guarantee your success. A quick online search will give you millions of results related to eCommerce training. However, very few of these sources will deliver their promise.

Lead Generation Secrets by Chris Munch Revealed

We research and/or actively participate and purchase every course or program that we write about on our site. You probably have heard about this Loci Cycle program from some of the most successful eCommerce experts. Now you are probably wondering whether the program is worth a shot. Well, to guide you in making the most informed decision about your eCommerce endeavors, we're going to take you through the whole distance. Let's dive in.

What Is The Loci Cycle?

Loci Cycle is a program available online for training and providing helpful information such as eCommerce businesses, eCommerce investment lessons, and many more. In this program, the most popular component is the particularly unique model of eCommerce business. The module runs for eight weeks and is packed with seven complete modules to provide you with the best training and ensure that you have all that's needed to start and succeed in running eCommerce businesses.

Chris Munch, the program creator, gives you a seamless experience with no requirement for reseller products or online ads. All you need to do with this program is to understand how the eCommerce world works and how you can leverage the opportunities created by the internet.

The program has been a great asset to many of our users for unlocking infinite possibilities and engaging with investments that have more returns. Simply put, the program trains its users on new ways of making money by selling their products online. So what is the secret? Any successful venture must have its secret. The secret is the main reason most financial, investment, and eCommerce experts recommend Loci Cycle to their clients.

How can I get started with Loci Cycle? Time is money, and for that particular reason, we have ensured you can be up and ready to roll within the shortest time. Most of the basics have been covered for you. The very first step towards getting into Loci Cycle is getting yourself a domain. You can purchase a domain for this purpose. However, if you are not sure what this means, do not worry yourself. Useful tools are available for this particular step, and what appears like the most challenging step will be a cakewalk.

Once you have a domain, the next stage will take up to one minute of your time to complete. This stage involves setting up your online store aspects such as themes and more. Loci Cycle provides you with great quality themes. All you need to do is click to select and install the theme. Once you are done with this step, you will have a website to post and sell your products.

In the next step, add the products to the website you created. Our program provides enough images and text to ease the process of adding products. Immediately you complete this step, then you are done setting your eCommerce site. The next part involves preparing yourself for the amount of traffic that your website will be getting.

In step number four, the program allows you to provide a set of traffic generation techniques. If you don’t know what these techniques are, the program provides you with an array of methods you can implement, and therefore all you have to do is select to set.

What about the inventory? Do I have to keep records? Well, no. The program is doing all the heavy lifting for you. Suppliers around the United States will ship the products on your site to the clients. Your job is to maintain a fully optimized website. Essentially, optimizing your site means that you post products with the largest profit margin on your site. This will increase revenue generation and make you more money.

The Modules – Insider Look at the Course

Inside the program, you will find seven different modules for your eCommerce training. The modules are intended to help you to develop the essential skills for starting an online business. This section provides details about the various modules and gives you a peek at what you should expect. 

Module #1 – Central Intelligence

You will learn about the particulars of the program in the opening section. Primarily, the module provides you with guidance and supplemental videos that help you finish the training of the module by yourself. Going through this module, you will get to learn the following:

  • The process of starting your venture from scratch and attaining success
  • Creating your eCommerce business, A-Z tips
  • Pricing your products to target your clients
  • Tips for saving money that you could have used for managing your inventories
  • Secrets behind the million-dollar businesses of Steve and Aidan.
  • How to taste your success by selling your first item within 48 hours

Module #2 – StoreStorm

This is the second component of the program. Essentially, it gives you skills and insights into how you can create your eCommerce website in just under 60 seconds. Essentially, you can say it is the most important module in this program. Additionally, this module will offer you a variety of themes you can choose from.

Since you might be new to the concept of creating a website and setting an eCommerce platform, this module ensures that you don’t get stuck due to technicalities. All you need to do is read the guidelines and follow them. The following are the topics that you will find helpful.

  • Accessing Theme X for faster sales and more lead generation
  • Tools and processes for creating and designing user-friendly website interfaces to get more revenue generation.

Module #3 – Handpicked Products

This module will teach you about selecting products for increased revenue generation. Essentially, not all products placed on your website will be a source of great revenue. This module is designed this module to ensure you can pick your products per their profitability and maximize your earnings for this particular purpose. If you can follow this module and implement its training, you are guaranteed to make a minimum of $200 a day from your listings. The following are some of the tips from this module that you will find useful.

  • How to get the appropriate products to make you money
  • How to make $2500 from your eCommerce website. This might be a while, but it is achievable.

Module #4 – Profit Vault

Business is about profit margins. In this module, you learn to select and sell particular products that can generate income quickly. Most people leveraging the eCommerce platform, profits are low, and low-profit products are many on their websites. This module will train you to select profitable items for selling. Additionally, it contains a list of products that hold a high-profit margin. This will help streamline your business and keep your income high. In addition, you will get to learn the following:

  • What products have a high profit and low competition
  • Information on the suppliers who ship and store the products you list
  • Filtering and functionalities that help you get the best product from a list of millions of products.
  • Readily available product descriptions that get published alongside your items

Module #5 – Traffic Black Box

More traffic to your website means that you are more popular, and therefore the prospects of making a sale are high. This module teaches you in detail the various methods you can use to drive your traffic through the roof. In addition, you get to discover the world’s best traffic generation tactics. Once you are done with this module, you can be sure that you will make more money than before. Some of the major tips to take from this module include:

  • Leveraging SEO to increase traffic to your website
  • Methods and ways of generating leads
  • Creating and setting up effective sale channels that improve lead creation

Module #6 – Oracle X

If you have tried selling in the past, you might be conversant that finding products that generate high income is not a walk in the park. Most sellers in the eCommerce industry list several thousand products but make relatively low money. Fortunately for you, Oracle X is here. This module comes bundled with the capabilities to find the most sought-after products. Additionally, it teaches you ways of choosing products that are attractive to customers. Some of the skills you get from this module include the following.

  • The trick behind selecting great quality domains
  • The trick behind developing attractive logos
  • Accessing automated store software that publishes your website in a matter of seconds

Module #7

Unless you have great support, maintaining and resolving store credibility issues can be a problem. This module ensures that you know and understand how to seek support. Essentially, you learn how to get support through question forums and real-time support. Other great features in the module include the following.

  • 365 days of email bases support for students
  • Connect with a Community of program experts

The Creator

As you might already know, this program is a product that Chris Munch created. Chris Munch started the marketing journey through an online store. Through many successes and failures, they learned the best practices in the business and what works in developing eCommerce site traffic.

With a business generating a million dollars worth of income, it is hard not to see why their business practices are the best for a growing eCommerce entrepreneur. To ensure you can also succeed, they decided to avail their trading secrets to you. However, this is for people especially hungry for starting an eCommerce business.

Pros and Cons


  • The program can be implemented very easily, even for beginners
  • Requires zero investment for physical infrastructure or inventory
  • It gives you insights and secrets from experienced creators
  • Be apart of a community with hundreds of 6 and 7 figure earners (even some 8 figures)
  • Training can lead to massive earning potential and return on investment 


  • The program costs several thousand dollars despite the discounting.
  • You can only access this program online.

What is The Price of This Program?

You can purchase the program for $3497. If this amount is not immediately available for you, you can opt for three months' installments to pay $1167 each month. 

Final Verdict: Is The Loci Cycle Legit?

Many people are asking, "Does the Loci Cycle really work?". As seen through the product navigation, the program is pretty impressive. Essentially, it finds products for you and creates funnels through which you can make your sales. With a total of seven modules designed for in-depth training, you can start from scratch and grow your business to make up to $2500 a day. In addition to these great features, you will also get supported by the program’s support team. Essentially, all you have to do is invest $3497, put in the hard work, and start making money. Therefore, in wrapping up, we must say that this is a program worth your attention.


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