Reviewing Springboard: Is It Worth The Money? 

 January 2, 2021

By  DSSC Team

There are many online learning platforms around, but how do you which ones will be useful? Someone might not know the quality of their education was substandard until they try and fail to find a job in their industry. Springboard is for people who their online courses to make a difference.

Everyone who finishes Springboard courses is guaranteed to get hired in their industry. Otherwise, a complete refund is offered. This platform is designed so that it's unlikely you’ll be asking for a refund.

We’re going to review Springboard, going through the essential parts and helping you see if it’d be the right fit for you.

All About Springboard

Springboards' central concept is professional training with their “Career Tracks” concept. There are other similar businesses, but this is an online learning platform that distinguishes itself from the competition.

The biggest thing separating this platform is their work guarantees. With other platforms, you might get a certificate or another mark of completion. However, it’s uncommon to be promised you’ll find a job.

That might sound pretty presumptuous of Springboard, but their courses are so impressive and well-taught, you’ll soon be able to see why they make this promise. Professionals who see your resumé can be impressed by the mention of certifications from these programs.

If six months pass and you still haven’t found a job, they will completely refund your purchase. Hopefully, you’ll get a desirable job within a few weeks of finishing your course online.

How Does It Work?

This is the breakdown of using and going through a Springboard class.

1. Signing up and getting admitted
2. Being paired with mentors
3. Following the curriculum
4. Working on capstone projects
5. Getting critiqued on projects
6. Going over objectives each week
7. Project completion
8. Graduation
9. Looking for a job
10. Refund (at least six months later, if necessary) 

Who Is Springboard For?

Springboard currently has relatively narrow outreach in terms of who’d most benefit from them and topics taught. Their courses tend to be ideal for students in the U.S., India, or Canada. They also have a large STEM focus.

You can take Springboard courses if you live in other countries. However, their work guarantee is limited to the those countries. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they can promise job opportunities in far more places.

STEM students are most encouraged to use this because it only has six courses, which all fall under the STEM umbrella.

It’s STEM-dominant right now, but that might not be the case for much longer. The more Springboard grows, the more they’ll see the benefits of expanding their outreach. As long as they stick to their established quality criteria, we should welcome this change.

In another part of this review, we’re going to tell you about the different courses offered. This will help you to understand more it's a good fit for what you need.

What's The Price?

Springboard is a great learning platform. However, signing up is not a shortcut to getting an education at a completely reduced cost. You’ll need to invest some money into these courses. Luckily, there are ways to save.

If you have the money for your course available at once, go for a single payment. You can save close to 20 percent on cost this way. Should you quickly see that a class isn’t for you or you just do not have the time to devote to it, you can request your money back. Refunds are available within a week.

Two prep classes are available at a pretty reasonable price: A software engineering prep course and a data science prep course. These cost $490 each and can be finished in up to six weeks.

Taking these courses can help students successfully complete entrance exams to take complete courses.

Even if you have a lot of knowledge about a subject, these courses can be beneficial. They can help you reacquaint yourself with a learning environment and refresh yourself on some key concepts.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the six courses offered.

Types of Classes Available

1. Data Analytics

Springboard has a Data Analytics course you can trust with very reputable team of data professionals offering support. They made this with help from Microsoft. With data being such an essential commodity, it’s crucial to know how to process this information and work with it properly.

They goes over data in both a coding sense and in a practical application sense. It’s great to know all of these concepts, but you also need to understand how to use them in different situations. That’s the difference between someone who knows of something and someone who understands it.

If you commit 10 hours each week to the Data Analytics course, you can complete it in about six months. To help with your understanding, there are different assignments during the course. There are also two capstones, which can be very useful for your job hunting.

2. Data Science

The most-popular Springboard class seems to be the Data Science one. However, they don’t let just anyone sign up for it.

You need to pass the entrance tests to be accepted. If you’re an experienced programmer, this shouldn’t be a problem. You also need to have a history of six months or more as a programmer.

Other courses have more stringent acceptance rules. Ensuring that students have at least a baseline of expertise guarantees that no one finds themselves in a class they’re not suited for.

This course also has excellent credentials, with professionals from notable businesses like Uber and Google working on it. It’s great to see how people who know data are involved in this course.

This course uses DataCamp, which is a cool feature. It’s available for $30 each month and can help you learn a lot more about data science.

3. AI and Machine Learning

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence and other machine learning concepts, take this course. Primarily based on production engineering, this course can help you learn about one of the most exciting areas of technology.

You might not know it, but you’ve likely witnessed machine learning. When a computer program improves without human intervention, that’s machine learning. It’s been taught to think for itself, practically.

Once again, this Springboard course comes with incredible professional support.

Work with these mentors, so you know you’re getting the most out of your efforts and money. This is an opportunity you should never put to waste, even if you’re entirely sure about your knowledge.

The outcome should be a machine learning program you’ve created. There will be more straightforward assignments along the way that can help you reach this milestone.

4. UI/UX Design

Giants in the world of UX offer their expertise with this UI/UX Design course. Their critiques are a lot better than you’d get from an overworked college instructor. These people are going to give you the facts, and they’re going to provide them in-depth.

Both UX and UI careers are in high demand. These are fascinating as well as lucrative fields.

This course shows how well Springboard has kept up with current career trends. It also shows the excitement of this field, and how much one can get out of it.

It first teaches about the basics of UI/UX design and then goes further into the field's nuances. You’ll have some new vocabulary when the course is through.

Keep in mind: this course takes time. It’s a nine-month process, but the progress you see from the different assignments should keep you motivated.

Some larger-scale projects are excellent for job search success. Being able to point to quality projects you’ve completed is one of the best ways to find UI/UX design work.

5. User Experience

This is similar to the last class, but this one focused on UX. With only a six-month duration and a 30 percent price reduction, you might find this is a better option for you. It also covers very similar information as the UI/UX Design Course. Plus, the mentors are consistent across both courses.

Pick this course if you’re confident about going into UX. It’s a very comprehensive course that can be finished in six months. Compare this against the UI/UX Design Course, and you might decide that this is the better option for you.

6. Software Engineering

If you’re ready for a course that’s really going to put you to the test, in a good way, check out the Software Engineering Course. For nine months and 800 hours, this course will be immersing you in software engineering.

In this class, you’ll be going into software engineering philosophy and complete four hands-on assignments. There’s a project per unit, and they can all enhance your portfolio. These are things that, if made correctly, will have employers itching to work with you.

The experts you’re working with are also great about guiding you and your project to where it needs to be. Their qualifications and support make them the best mentors you could hope for.

This is one of the costliest Springboard courses. However, the cost is justified by how much the course provides the user.

Are Springboard Courses Worth It?

When something costs a lot, it can be easy to want to investigate the value. If someone wants to work in or further their career in a STEM field, Springboard classes are extremely valuable.

The classes are well-curated, have experts available to help, excellent assignments, and there’s a promise you’ll find work, along with a refund just in case. That’s more than enough to show this platform has value.

Does that mean everyone who can sign up for a class should? No, we understand that wouldn’t be feasible. Anyone who’s thinking about a course should consider the following:

- If they can take a job in any of the allowed countries: (U.S., India, Canada)
- If they can pay for the tuition, whether as a lump sum or monthly installments
- How far they want to go into a STEM career

Take the time to think about each of these questions. You don’t have to be 100 percent sure about all of them. However, it would help if you were leaning more towards “yes” for each one. I happy answered “yes” to all three, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way.

Final Thoughts

With all that being said, what do I ultimately think of Springboard?

I’ll say it’s one of the most critical learning platforms available. It’s also very distinct because it’s similar to taking an upper-level undergrad or even graduate course than merely signing up for an online class. The high cost makes sense when you see how much effort is put into these classes.

Other sites are good, but they don’t have the materials, personnel, and similar job opportunities. While Springboard’s course quantity is limited, the quality isn’t.

Knowing a job is promised can help a lot as well. However, you might need to figure out a strategy if you’re taking class but you’re not from any of the three previously mentioned countries. That is if you’re hoping to get a job out of this.

Overall, this platform does everything an online learning platform should and a lot more. I look forward to seeing them grow in terms of course, catalogs and reputations. Should you be serious about STEM and your career, sign up for a course.

You might find a course isn't a good fit for you or end up disappointed because you didn't get a job within six months. Thankfully, Springboard makes it easy to get a refund.

Keep up an optimistic mindset and see how much that helps. If you're thinking that you'll find a career through your course efforts, such as the projects you complete and the work you do with your mentors, then positive results are much easier to imagine.

During the months of your course, you might get frustrated and start to feel like you've hit a wall. Think about how far you've come and how great it'll be to reach the end.

These courses are spread out over many months to help you pace yourself. Even if you have STEM knowledge, you don't want to overload your mind. Springboard gives you a place to learn essential information healthily. We hope you can get the most out of this invaluable experience.


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