Reviewing Thinkific: Is It Worth The Cost? 

 January 4, 2021

By  DSSC Team

Do you want to use Thinkific to help you break into online class creation, allowing you to reach people worldwide and create a significant revenue stream for yourself?

Then, we hope you get a lot out of this review. If you’re unsure whether or not Thinkific is right for you, this should help clear up some of your most burning questions.

We want to give you all the information you need. You doing this research shows that you care a lot about this. That gives us hope for your course’s potential.

A lot is happening with online education because people know how much money can be made with it. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s one you should take seriously.

You don’t need to have aspirations of mansions to do well with online teaching. Find success your own way, and let Thinkific be a catalyst to getting there.

We emphasize Thinkific because it’s more than just a nice tool for getting your class created. There are multiple platforms available, but we find this one to be particularly desirable.

With this review, we’re going to tell you everything worth knowing about this platform to help you build your online course.

Thinkific helps you start your class, make an excellent site, promote your class, make money, and get the results you want with your students.

All About Thinkific

Thinkific is a learning management system platform. It creates an excellent setting for course creation.

It’s up to you to decide what goes into the course, such as the material covered and assessment questions. However, Thinkific gives you the ideal place to put all this in.

Beyond the course content, you’ll also have tools to help you work with your students and promote classes.

You can come for the course-building, but once you see how much else this platform has to offer, you’re likely to be further hooked. This is also an excellent way to develop your business skills, as it takes strong marketing knowledge to promote anything.

You won’t need a degree in marketing to use these features. Thinkific is targeted towards educators, and they make things as comfortable as possible for them.

Not a computer expert? There’s nothing to worry about, as this platform gets right to the point with helping you design your site. The positive experiences you have here might inspire you to enroll in a web design course.

No one can know everything about everything. Thinkific is terrific because they let you concentrate on what matters to you. Along the way, they offer support so you can go easier on yourself.

If the fact that you’ve never made a course before is what’s stopping you, we have news for you. Everyone who’s even taught anything has had to start somewhere. Your relative lack of experience is not going to be a liability.

If you want to do something and really care about it, you’ll figure how to do it right. Thinkific shows you the right way to make an online course.

If you’ve made courses before, but had issues with the platform, there is a help section, as well. You can even integrate things from another site you might have.

To get your site really popping, you should try out as many of the marketing resources this platform offers. You’ll also have a lot of options for how you get paid.

We’re going to cover all of the things that make up Thinkific.


1. Drag and Drop Course Editor

The best part of Thinkific is the drag and drop course editor. This is something you get that isn’t necessarily the case for other learning management systems.

If you can’t bluff your way through talking about coding, the drag and drop course editor can be like your salvation. It doesn’t have you struggle through editing lines upon lines of code.

Rather, you can arrange things and have fun with them. Keep what you want and discard what you don’t. Your site might look a little funny at first, but everything modification can bring you closer to your desired outcome.

Do you have many big ideas for your course, such as wanting to make video lessons a regular component? Thinkific makes it a snap to bring in different types of media. This can also help your students to better adapt to the material.

Thinkific hosts your files as well, and size isn’t an issue. Your content can be shared in peak quality. If you choose a premium subscription, there’s no limit on how many courses you can create.

2. Site Builder

We want to stress how helpful Thinkific is for creating a website. It demystifies the idea that only certain people can make websites.

You might have your own site that’s pretty good but which needs a little extra help. Thinkific’s integration options mean you can give your old site a better environment.

But if you’re new to all of this, get your site started and go from there.

You can name your site with the Thinkific subdomain, but it’s probably better to go without this. A completely unique URL looks nicer and helps reduce confusion.

Once you start making your site, you’ll see the different templates. The provided ones are quite nice and let you focus on the meat of your site, instead of stressing over design.

There are also handy things you can add, such as curriculums. Don’t put something in just because you can. With everything that pops up, consider whether or not your site would benefit from it. Too much at once can only make things overwhelming and frustrating.

If you decide something isn’t working, it’s super-easy to remove it. With the click of a button, you can reshape your site. It’s very convenient.

You might also decide you want to go further with the site construction. You can work with Thinkific’s HTML or its CSS to make the code more to your liking. It’s not a requirement, but it’s an excellent way to practice coding, at least.

3. Course Payment Options

While you’re hopefully teaching primarily out of passion, it’s understandable to want to make money with it. Thinkific has a great payment system.

They don’t just throw one plan at you and force you to go with it. Heck, if you don’t want to charge anything for your courses, you’re more than welcome to make it free.

In fact, offering a free class is an excellent way to get your audience going before you start charging for products.

You can make your class available through a single payment as well as with a subscription. This is a big decision to make. It would help if you also understood the difference between the subscription and “Monthly Payments” options.

Monthly Payment is an installment payment option.

You can use PayPal or Stripe to receive payments. Plus, it accepts most debit and credit cards.

If you’re in Europe, try using Quaderno. Stunning can also be very useful.

4. Promoting Your Course

Once you have your course made, you won’t be thrown to the wolves when it comes to promoting it. Thinkific gives you a lot of ways to get the word out about your course. Take the time to go through these as you develop your marketing plan.

You may expect to do the minimum when it comes to marketing. However, you might end up so impressed by all of these tools that you accidentally become a bit of an expert.

These pop up in various spots. To find most of them at once, go to the “Market and Sell” section.

Encourage registration with a great Sign Up page. Thinkific lets you make these unique and fun. Make it, so people have a hard time turning away. Your Checkout page should also be easy to navigate to help with sales.

Find out the best way to show off your courses. With this platform, you can show the courses separately or in groupings. Courses with enough similarities should be grouped together.

The “Manage Learning Content” area helps you sort courses together. Using pictures can also help with sorting.

When you have your course organized in a practical matter, you can increase your credibility. People will trust you without realizing it, just because of your attention-to-detail.

It would help if you also used the sales widget. This can be used to bring traffic from your site to your course.

This can be a direct link or have pictures with it.

If you have a premium subscription, you can offer coupons for your courses. You can determine specific details for your coupons, such as how much is taken off and maximum uses allowed.

If you want someone else to handle marketing, Thinkific has an affiliate program that redirects your marketing duties to trustworthy professionals.

Show them your course, give them special access, and let them take care of things. Be sure to check it at least periodically to ensure you’re at least in reach of your goals.

On its own, Thinkific isn’t a fantastic marketing platform. What’s amazing is how you can combine it with more-advanced platforms. Find the right way to tell the world about your course.

5. Working With Students

One of the top features of Thinkific is how you can find out details about students. Some of the other learning management systems are stingy with this information.

You won’t find out any more than you need to. Thinkific helps you find useful information that can help you as a course leader.

For instance, you might determine that some students should participate in a project together, based on what their accounts say. This can also help you decide who to market new courses towards.

You can also sort students based on when they’ve signed up and their career. There are plenty of insights to be gathered when looking through this data.

Knowing your audience means you can better fashion your course. Demographics matter when making a product, including an online course.

To put students in particular groups, you’ll need at least a Pro subscription. Make this upgrade if you know you’ll need your classes meticulously arranged.

6. Building Student Relationships

While you might not see your students face-to-face on Thinkific, you can still forge a connection. Online teaching has become more personable over the years, and Thinkific offers some great examples.

The best way to evaluate your performance is to have a class review option. Encourage students to give reviews to know what you’re doing well and what might need some improvement.

But what if some nasty ones threaten to ruin your reputation? Hopefully, that won’t be the case. However, if you do get some mean reviews, you can decline from having them posted.

As far as observers know, all of your reviews are glowing.

Your students will likely need some clarification on some matters. Make discussions for your classes so they can quickly put in any issues they’re having. Respond to these as quickly as you can.

One strange thing is that you can’t pick and choose which courses have discussions. It’s either they all do, or none of them do.

Notifications are an excellent way to keep your students interested. Send special messages to them at various moments. This can keep your course on their mind.

With so many things fighting for your students’ attention, you need to do everything you can to remind them of their goals. Use encouraging words to make them feel good about sticking with your course.

7. Tracking Functions

A learning management system like Thinkific also has excellent tracking functions.

Being able to see what’s happening with your course, statistically, is essential for getting more out of your class. You need to see all of the trends, good and bad. Otherwise, you could be left speculating without any real clue.

Thinkific makes it easy to track stats. It has an excellent method for finding this information. There’s lot of types of information it can go over as well.

You can see where students are coming from, when they started the class, and how much they’ve finished, among other things.

Although this isn’t the most in-depth statistical information, it’s still pretty good. You should learn a good deal from this data.

But if you want to go further, you can use other data tracking systems, such as Google Analytics or Clicky.


1. Has a free version with no expiration

2. Lots of ways to pay for courses

3. Offers easy integration of different media types

4. Does a great job of combining different areas, including course creation and marketing

5. No limit on how many courses you can make

6. Students don’t have to deal with transaction payments

7. Lots of ways to design your site to your liking, without previous coding knowledge

8. Easy to link to your website

9. Comes with feature to provide voiceover for PowerPoint


1. Figuring out marketing is up to the course creator

2. Doesn’t have its own email campaign feature

3. Usually have to go through email for customer help

4. Expensive if you’re just starting out


Is Thinkific Legit?

There’s plenty of evidence of its legitimacy. We can direct you to multiple renowned companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers that have used this platform for teaching purposes.

Is Thinkific an LMS?

It does qualify as a “Learning Management System” or LMS. It’s meant for making classes and other educational purposes.

Does Thinkific Have a Free Plan?

There is a free version. However, this isn’t as dynamic as any of the paid versions. Nonetheless, this is a good way to at least understand what using this platform is like.

Final Thoughts

We wanted to teach you about Thinkific, and we hope you learned some things.

There’s no guarantee that this platform will be exactly what you need, but it offers a lot. To see if it’s right for you, start off with the free version. Then, go for paid if you’re sticking with it.

Remember to consider every part of your course, from choosing the right media to marketing it and tracking your results. Make sure you're engaged with your students and helping them as well. After all, you can't have a course without students.

There will be some things to adjust along the way. The important thing is to be aware of your mistakes and finding ways to remedy them.

We hope you join Thinkific and make some excellent courses with it.


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