Reviewing Wealthy Affiliate: Is It Legit or Scam? 

 January 4, 2021

By  DSSC Team

If you want to start an online business, you need to have the right training available. Wealthy Affiliate certainly deserves consideration for anyone trying to turn a dream into a reality.

Founders Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon have made this a place where aspiring online entrepreneurs can make meaningful progress towards their goals.

Not everyone will take to Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve used it enough to know it’s not the best fit for me. However, I’m also able to recognize the value it has for others. I want you to finish this review, understanding if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

Many professionals I know have found this platform to be a great tool and made good money from it. What makes it stand out compared to other, similar learning resources? We’re going to explain exactly what makes it such an important program.

Online Marketing Explained

Online marketing isn’t a new concept. All successful web companies have needed a strong marketing arm. The more the internet became a fixture in our lives, the more its income potential has been realized.

Social media and video sites have dominated discourse, bringing in billions of users from around the world. With smartphones, people are online even when they’re at the grocery store. Everyone is making content, and some people can turn their everyday lives into widespread followings.

However, just because anyone can become a success via the internet doesn’t mean most people will. When someone makes it big as a social media influencer or another internet-based career, it’s easy to overlook how much work they’ve put in.

But some people love to exploit naivety. We’ll talk about these unsavory types in the next section.

Beware of Charlatans

If you’ve developed enough street smarts, you know how to sniff out a scam before its creator can start their pitch. Still, the number of online marketing programs promising the sky and barely delivering dirt is depressing.

You’ll see these people promise that joining their class will be your key to an untold fortune. They might tell you a sob story about how much they were struggling until they started their business.

The more you listen, the more it can suck you in. It turns out this person went from being a loser with barely a dime to their name to the epitome of success. Even more impressive, they were able to do so in less than a year.

Maybe you’ve been so persuaded by a pitch that you signed up for a program, expecting it to be a real turnaround for you. However, after a few days with it, you realized that any success you found wouldn’t be the program’s doing.

The moral of the story: if it seems too good to be true, it definitely is.

However, just because insincere people offer online marketing and business classes, it doesn’t mean the entire industry is rotten. The internet is a bigger space than ever, which, unfortunately, means more room for dishonesty.

We’re here to help you see a diamond amidst the rough, showing what an online marketing program can be when it’s not focused on scamming unsuspecting dreamers.

Wealthy Affiliate: Bringing Trust To Online Marketing

Although scam courses are still around, they don’t seem to be quite as pervasive as there were more than a decade ago. Creators have perhaps realized that bad word-of-mouth is going to backfire for them soon enough.

However, just because a course is honest doesn’t mean it’s any good. If you’re telling the truth but you’re not saying anything new, you’re not doing anything incredibly impressive.

Wealthy Affiliate is both honest and helpful. People who’ve been hampered by online business troubles or who want to start with the right training can get great results with this program.

There are specific features that distinguish Wealthy Affiliate. These are all useful for giving new business owners the confidence to make the right decisions and know they’re doing so.

1. Extensive library of training videos

There are hundreds of hours of video here. It’s also regularly updated and includes learning tracks to help students become affiliate marketing experts.

2. Website building help

Trust in your online business is mostly dependent on your site's quality. A shoddy design is a pretty good indicator of shoddy work. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the resources to make your site brilliant and help your business stand out even more. You can even use analytics to follow crucial data information. Make sure of Jaaxy, an included asset for seeing how your site is doing, rank-wise.

3. An experienced community

A positive community of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

4. Making money with content and affiliate marketing

This also includes consultation from an affiliate if you sign up under them.

Wealthy Affiliate is a very wholesome environment. Rather than being a cutthroat community of people trying to keep each other down as they claw their way to the top, it’s a place to learn and help one another.

There are similar programs with similar messages. However, they’re not able to pull it anywhere near the precision and positivity of this program.

You can’t promote your business in the community, but you can build up positive reception for it based on how you act. Remember, when you’re speaking to people, you’re also speaking on behalf of your business. Do your best to reflect positively on it whenever you can.


There are so many qualities to talk about with Wealthy Affiliate, too many for one article. You can sign up for Free or Premium membership. if you choose, free, you’ll give a week of Premium free.

However, if you’re signing up for Free, don’t expect to get anywhere near the same results as you would with Premium. You’ll learn pretty quickly that you’ll have to open your wallet if you want to see real progress. 

If you like Free, it should convince you to sign up for Premium. The Premium membership takes the strengths of the free one and makes them even better. You’ll be encouraged to go for Premium by Wealthy Affiliate. We’re right there with them.

It’s also not a total money vacuum either. The first month of Premium costs $19. After that, it’s $49 per month. It’s not cheap, but it can seem pretty reasonable after you consider a few things.

To start, with Premium, you can interact with the program’s founders, a real advantage. Plus, you can get your website host, complete with your own domain name. Finally, there’s the analytic information that lets you in on crucial behind-the-scenes details.

As we mentioned, hundreds of hours of video is another excellent feature. The regular updates mean the freshest content possible. Plus, the consulting session can give you essential tips from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t about throwing a bunch of vague concepts your way and making you think you’ve learned something as they pocket your money. They care about your learning and succeeding. It’s kind to newcomers and promotes positive vibes. These values aren’t always emphasized in online business, but this platform shows there’s a place for them.


Perhaps you recall the beginning of the article when I confided that Wealthy Affiliate just didn’t work for me. Given all the time I’ve spent talking about its pros, what could the cons be?

It’s pretty simple, but Wealthy Affiliate took more time than I was willing to spend on it. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m impatient. I understand that creating an online business is bound to take time.

However, I was hoping to learn and earn at the same time. I wasn’t expecting a windfall to happen right away, but it became clear that it would take a while before I saw any earnings through my online business.

Wealthy Affiliate preaches patience. I wish I had signed up for it when I wasn’t so concerned with immediate profit. This was a stressful time, and I’m doing better now. However, it just wasn’t the right program for me in that instance and time.

This is a caution to anyone expecting to just breeze through Wealthy Affiliate and become an overnight online sensation. This is a quality program, but it’s not one you can just coast through. Only sign up if you can accept and stick to a challenge.

There’s another sizable con with this program. Although the community is one of the best aspects, it too comes with downsides. The idea that you can become rich without making an effort will always exist in some capacity. Unfortunately, this extends to Wealthy Affiliate promotion.

To be clear, it’s not Wealthy Affiliate doing this, but people speaking on behalf of the program. They’ll talk about the program with such enthusiasm that they don’t seem to realize they seem somewhat unbalanced.

Not only do they talk about the program in ways that it can’t possibly live up to, but they also denigrate other businesses in the process. They go after other honest people with nasty comments.

It’s not difficult to write a positive review of Wealthy Affiliate that doesn’t exaggerate or bad mouth businesses that don’t deserve it. We don’t know how this trend started, but it can’t go away soon enough.

Enthusiasm has its place. We’re enthusiastic about Wealthy Affiliate as a vital learning resource. Some are spreading the word in an honest way that doesn’t cause harm to others.

However, if Wealthy Affiliate is meant to be a legitimate counter to programs with dubious claims, it will do no favors to promote it with equally dubious claims. If this program becomes associated with these kinds of practices, it could spell trouble.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to think about when assessing Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a very good program, but it’s not one that should prompt you to put your two-weeks notice after joining. You’ll need to take your time with it.

It’s always possible to see some quick results. However, you shouldn’t expect it. You need to have a healthy business plan in mind as well. Otherwise, you might just have a sleek website and no real direction.

Your business should be something you’re interested in, but it doesn’t have to be your lifelong love. If anything, being too attached to your business focus means you could grow to resent it.

You could also start to think that it will never feel like work because you enjoy doing something for fun. I cannot stress how untrue that is. Some people can continue enjoying their hobbies after making a job out of them. However, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Should you want to make money through an online business, you need to figure out what niches are popular and how you can make one that works. No business succeeds just based on its industry. The people behind them need to have the proper skills and drive.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you business skills, but whether you practice them is up to you. It’s also essential to have backup plans. If your first attempt doesn’t work out, will you keep the same strategy, modify it, or choose an entirely new one?

There’s no point where you suddenly have every part of business figured out perfectly. People who have just started their companies will have inexplicable luck, while problems will blindside veterans of their industries.

The more you stick with it, though, the better off you’ll be. More time equals more skills, which equals more opportunities. You could be in high demand for other companies, who want in on the secrets to your success.

As discussed, Wealthy Affiliate just didn’t work for me. The emphasis of that sentence should be “me,” because I wasn’t using it at the right time. I was able to make money in quicker ways, thankfully.

I personally know hundreds of people who have gone through the training and made 5-6 figures per month. Don't let my experience stop you from using this program because it has excellent features and experienced affiliate marketers in the community.

Using this program might not guarantee riches, but it's definitely a good way to get something out of a new online business or even more out of an existing one. In a world full of people wanting to make money online but few honest places to learn how, Wealthy Affiliate stands out for good reasons.


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